Anyone with an OTOW resident pass may apply for OTOW Woodshop membership.
Indigo East residents must have paid the amenities fee.

The Wood Shop wants to encourage more family participation in the practice of wood working.  The Membership has authorized a benefit to each household.  A second adult member of the house, who holds a OTOW Resident ID or Gateway pass, can be a full member of the Shop for one-half the cost of a membership for the primary member.  The second member will complete a standard Membership application and will be considered a full member with voting rights.

Contact a board officer by phone or email (see the Our Shop page of this website) to arrange a meeting at the shop where you will:
Join the Woodshop Club
Membership Application Form

1. complete the application form (or print the form shown below and bring it with you)
2.  pay your dues (cash or check, no credit cards)
3. get a walk-through of the shop  (usually 30 to 45 minutes)
4. be set up so you can gain access to the shop
5. You will be added to the shop email list.