The Wood Shop Board has received agreement to our request to reopen the Shop.
The following conditions and policies are required for the shop to remain open:
Wood Shop Covid 19 Protocol and Policies
The following mandatory usage protocols and policies apply to members using the OTOW Wood Shop:

*  6 ft. social distancing

*  Masks are required

*  Maximum of 7 members may be in Shop at any time.  (Members must be considerate of other members and limit their time in the Shop.)

*  Hours:
6:00 AM to10:00 PM.

*  NO Guests

*  Equipment will be sanitized after use. Wood Shop will provide Shop towels and an alcohol-based solution in spray bottles.  Note - Spray should not be applied directly to electrical switches - moisten a shop towel and wipe down.

*  Members are strongly encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands upon leaving the Shop

*  Members who do not comply with these policies will be denied access to the shop.
It is our intention to continue our dialogue with OTOW regarding the opening hours, but for the moment this is the first step.
Questions should be forwarded to your Board.  In the meantime its time to start making shavings.
Joe Josephson

“Eye protection and hearing protection are recommended actions when working in the Wood Shop.”
Covid 19 News