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The Holly Lake Ranch Pickleball Association (HLRPA) was formed in 2015 to advocate advancement of the sport of pickleball on Holly Lake Ranch.  HLRPA members participate in recreational play, leagues, clinics, social activities and competitive events.  Pickleball is fun and affordable, provides a great cardio workout, and is a very social sport.  We encourage you to join us and discover why pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America!


HLRPA Member Court Schedule

(Effective May 29, 2023)

Mon:            8:00 am – 10:00 am    -   3 Courts1       Intermediate

Mon:            7:00 pm – 9:00 pm      -   Courts3       League Play (Fun Formats)

Tues:           8:00 am – 9:30 am      -   2 Courts1       Novice

Tues:           7:00 pm – 9:00 pm      -   3 Courts1       Advanced

Wed:           8:00 am – 10:00 am    -   3 Courts1       65+ Rec (Non-Competitive) Play

Thur:           7:00 pm – 9:00 pm      -   3 Courts1       Intermediate

Fri:              8:00 am – 10:00 am    -   3 Courts1       Advanced

Sat:              10:00 am – noon         -   2 Courts1       (Learn To Play) 2nd Saturdays ONLY

Sun:             7:00 pm – 9:00 pm      -   3 Courts1       Intermediate & Advanced



  1. Court #4 will be available for non-member play. (See Note 3.)  If no non-members are present, then HLRPA members can utilize all courts.
  2. Please utilize the Paddle Up System when there are more than 16 players. If Court 4 is being used by guest/non-member, then please utilize it when there are 12 or more players.
  3. Monday evening is a designated League night with all 4 courts reserved for HLRPA when active.


Ben Zetsche - President

Stephen Schwaebler - Vice President

Connie Green - Secretary

Jane McCoy - Treasurer

Debbie Conway - Activities Director

Membership in

Holly Lake Ranch
Pickleball Association

is open to all Residents!
For more information contact:
 Ben Zetsche   (214) 244-0355

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August Medalists

Tournament Medalists -- just in August!

Aug 4th, Pickleball Mania OKC:
Oscar & Jerry, Gold, Men’s 3.5, 50+
Tracy & Jessica, Gold, Women’s 3.5, <50
Selena & Bob, Silver, Mixed 2.5, any

Aug 12-13, Summer Sizzler, Longview:
Aaron & Zachary, Bronze, Men’s 3.5, any
Richard & Rob, Silver, Men’s 3.0, 50+
Tracy & Caroline, Gold, Women's 3.5+, any age
Tracy & Bryce, Gold, Mixed 4.0, under 49 (not shown)

Aug 15-16, Cowtown Senior Open, Ft Worth:
April & Sonya, Gold, Women’s 3.5, 50-59
Betsy & Brenda, Silver, Women’s 3.5, 60-64
Dave & Tom, Gold, Men’s 3.0, 65-69
April & Ott, Silver, Mixed 4.0, 50-54
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Court Schedule
Intro to Pickleball

To ensure safety and smooth operations on pickleball courts, request you follow guidelines below: 

Court Safety 

  • Wear proper court shoes.
  • Always warm up before beginning your play.
  • Do NOT backup on the court – turn and move sideways.
  • Do NOT run into other active courts when playing your ball.
  • When retrieving an errant ball, look for players waving to return ball. 
  • When your ball crosses into another court, call out ‘ball on court’.
  • When going to and from a court be aware and stay clear of other active players and courts.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Consider wearing some type of eye protection.

System installed to improve player rotations:

  • This system is to be utilized during all scheduled HLRPA member open play and all other times whenever there are more than 16 players on the courts.
  • Place your paddle in the first available spot.
  • You may not move another person’s paddle without their permission.
  • Once a group of four is up for play, take your paddles and slide the next up bar to the next group.
  • Look for opportunities to play with anyone and everyone.
  • Have fun!
Spa City Classic - July 6-9, 2023 - Hot Springs, AR

Congratulations to medalists at Spa City Classic in Hot Springs, July 6-9!

Brenda Garner Paine was a 3x winner in 3.0 brackets: Silver Women’s Singles, GOLD Women's Dbls w Laura Herod, and a 2nd GOLD Mixed Dbls w Steve Paine.

April Smith was another multi-medalist: Silver in 3.0 Women’s Singles and Bronze in a very tough 4.0 Women’s Skinny Singles, all ages.

Steve Paine doubled medals, winning Silver in 3.0 Men’s Singles with GOLD, above.

Ben Zetsche earned double-Bronze: 4.0 Men's Singles & 4.0 'Skinny' Singles.

Ligia Harmon won Bronze in Women’s Dbls 3.0/34-49 with her daughter, Heather.

Bart Ehlen and Tracey Ehlen took respectable Bronze medal in 3.0 Mixed Dbls.

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Committees met on March 4th to plan for coming year:

Activities, Health & Safety, Ambassadors and Facilities

Annual Meeting - Jan 7th
Well-attended well-run membership meeting/luncheon. 
By-laws: Members approved changing annual dues from $20 to $30 per member, and to vote with ballots. We will revisit and decide whether 16-year-olds can be members.
New officers elected: (by acclamation) Steve Schwaebler is vice president (repeat,) Jane McCoy is treasurer, and Debbie Conway is activities director. Ben Zetsche remains 
president and Connie Green remains secretary. 
Thank you to Margaret Dunn and Brenda Paine for service as treasurer & activities director, respectively. 
Thank you all for willlingness to serve.
Sign-up: Members were asked to join committees to help run/organize the club. Contact any officer to volunteer. 
USAPA rule changes for 2023 were reviewed. 
Annual meeting 1
Annual meeting 2

The Holly Lake Ranch Pickleball Association, serving up Fun, Fitness, and Fellowship since 2015, has helped to create wonderful lasting memories for our membership, families, and friends. Below are slideshows of some of the fun from each year beginning with 2015, the first year of our organized activities.
Through the Years with the HLRPA

Tournament Medalists 2022-2023

Tournaments 2022


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HLRPA 2021


HLRPA 2020


HLRPA 2019


HLRPA 2018



HLRPA 2017


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HLRPA 2015


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